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Osaka Area - Kansai International Airport Branch
Kansai International Airport Branch
Kansai International Airport Branch - Map
This branch is located in "Dining Court Machiyakoji" food court on the 2nd floor of the Passenger Terminal of the Kansai International Airport, one of the leading hubs in Japan.
The exterior of the shop was supervised by the same team that was in charge of the set for the movie "ALWAYS Sunset on 3rd Street", exerting a nostalgic atmosphere of the early Showa era. It resembles the food stalls in Osaka that were common in the Showa era when Botejyu was founded. Please come enjoy our "legendary teppan-yakisoba" in this nostalgic atmosphere.
As a page to add in your travel journal, or to take a break between business meetings, we hope you will come experience our unforgettable teppan-yakisoba.
Address : Kansai International Airport Passenger Terminal 2F,
1 Kuko-naka, Senshu,
Tajiri-cho, Sennan-gun, Osaka, 549-0011
TEL : 072-456-6671
FAX : 072-456-6671
Business Hours : 07:00~22:00
Last Order : 21:30
Access :
3 minutes by foot from Kansai International Airport Station
Parking : Available
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