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Okayama Area - Ario Kurashiki Branch
Ario Kurashiki Branch
Botejyu Teppan Express will open its Ario Kurashiki branch on the 2nd floor food court area of the new Ario Kurashiki Shopping Mall, which will have its grand opening on November 25th. The two-floor indoor shopping mall will consist of 122 specialty shops including fashion boutiques, home appliances store, amusement facilities and restaurants. Shoppers will have direct access to the Kurashiki Mitsui Outlet Park to open on December 1st via a connecting bridge on the second floor which will have 120 shops including clothing, sports and general merchandise stores. The combination of the two facilities will make this mega-size shopping complex an must-go shopping spot.
In addition to our popular “Osaka Yakisoba” and “Modern-yaki”, the menu will have a wide range of Gotochi (local specialty) items such as the “Hiruzen Yakisoba” from Okayama Prefecture, “Fujinomiya Yakisoba” from Shizuoka Prefecture, “Yokote Yakisoba” from Akita Prefecture, “Akashi Tamagoyaki” from Hyogo Prefecture, “Towada Bara-yaki” from Aomori Prefecture and Japanese-style “Moriyama” fried chicken from Nakatsu, Oita Prefecture.
We hope to see you at our restaurant!
Address : Ario Kurashiki 2F,12-2 Kotobuki-cho, Kurashiki, Okayama
TEL : 086-434-1388
FAX : 086-434-1388
Business Hours : 9:00~21:00
Last Order : 20:30
Access :
3 minute walk from JR Kurashiki Station
Parking : Available
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