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Limited Time Only - Cheese & Corn Modern-yaki
Cheese & Corn Modern-yaki
Filled with mozzarella cheese and sweet corn, Cheese & Corn Modern-yaki is now being offered at selected branches of Botejyu Express for a limited time only.
The texture of the melted mozzarella cheese and the crunchy sweet corn are a perfect match with our modern-yaki. We hope you will try this special menu item.
Botejyu Express Branch Opens in Koshigaya Lake Town
Botejyu Express’ Koshigaya Lake Town branch
Botejyu Express’ Koshigaya Lake Town branch opened in the lively dining area “Central Deli” located by the landmark lake of the new Aeon Lake Town KAZE shopping center.
The shopping center is the largest of its kind in Asia with direct access from the Koshigaya Lake Town Station on the JR Musashino Line. Our restaurant welcomes our customers with a nostalgic décor of the early Showa era and the sizzling sound of our legendary yakisoba being prepared right below your very eyes.
We look forward to serving you in the near future.
Aeon Lake Town link
airport magazine KANKU
Botejyu Express’ Kansai International Airport Branch was introduced in the KANKU ANTENNA section of the airport magazine KANKU.
In the article, you will find information on Botejyu Express including its characteristics and business hours. We hope you will take a look at the article.
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Kanku Hia!
Botejyu Express’ Kansai International Airport Branch was introduced the airport free magazine, Kanku Hia!, in the corner featuring the new faces of Machiyakoji.
The article describes the restaurant’s nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa era and introduces our popular menu item, the Toku Toku Set. We hope you will take a look at the article.
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Botejyu Group Supports ASIJ Alumni Council’s Pocket Calendar
the American School in Japan Alumni Council’s 2008 pocket calendar
The Botejyu Group supported the production of the American School in Japan Alumni Council’s 2008 pocket calendar. ASIJ is one of the oldest international schools in the Tokyo area.
The American School in Japan
Botejyu’s “Okonomiyaki Rice Cracker” Now on Sale
Osaka’s Okonomiyaki Rice Crackers - Botejyu’s Okonomiyaki Sauce Flavor
From Osaka!! “Okonomiyaki Rice Cracker in Botejyu’s Okonomiyaki Sauce Flavor” is now on sale at train station kiosks and souvenir shops in the Kinki area. Botejyu’s legendary sweet and spicy sauce is now readily available for your enjoyment. Large size box are sold for 1050 yen, and small size box for 630 yen.
Botejyu Express Kansai International Airport Branch
Botejyu Express Kansai International Airport Branch opened in the Machiyakoji Dining Court on the 2nd floor of the Kansai International Airport Passenger Terminal.
It is our hope to have domestic and overseas travelers coming through the Kansai gateway to taste authentic teppan-yakisoba originating in Osaka. We have prepared an English menu for our international flyers.
The external appearance of the shop was supervised by the same team that was in charge of the set for the movie “Always Sunset on 3rd Street”, exerting a nostalgic atmosphere of the early Showa era.
You will also find on the 3rd floor of the airport terminal our Botejyu restaurant. We look forward to seeing you at one or both of the two stores.
Dining Court Machiyakoji
Menu Price Revision
The recent surge in the fuel prices worldwide and the sharp rise in prices of raw materials has forced us to raise the prices of some of our menu items as of July 1st, in order to ensure our customers the same level of quality we have been offering thus far. We thank you in advance for your understanding and your continued support.
Botejyu Express - Itami Terrace Branch
Botejyu Express opened its Itami Terrace Branch on the 3rd Floor food court of the Aeon Mall Itami Terrace located next to the JR Itami Station. Itami is known for the Osaka International Airport, the gateway for air travel in the Kansai region.
Botejyu Express will greet you with the good ole fashion, nostalgic atmosphere of the Showa era.
We hope you will come and enjoy our special teppan-yakisoba dynamically prepared on our hot sizzling teppan.
Aeon Mall Itami Terrace
Botejyu Express - Ario Otori Branch
The Botejyu Group opened its first teppan yakisoba specialty shop, Botejyu Express - Ario Otori Branch. The Ario Otori Branch is the first Botejyu Express shop to open in the Kansai area. It is located in the food court area of the Ario Shopping Mall in Sakai-shi, Osaka.
The shop has a retro feel of the good ‘ole fashioned Osaka food stalls. The harmony between our legendary special sauce and homemade noodles is absolutely superb. We have maximized the know-how accumulated since the founding of our restaurant in 1946, to create this special yakisoba.
Come and enjoy our legendary teppan-yakisoba!
Ario Otori
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